Halloween Costumes!!

Indecisive Girl!!
Indecisive Girl!!

Of course, the most important part of Halloween is the costumes (at least, I think so! Even more important than the CANDY, though it’s a close margin).

As I mentioned over at Part Time Monster last week, costume creation was a big deal in my family. We loved indulging in our creative side (well, some of us still do).  And I discovered that the process of costume creation is an important skill.  Take, for instance, Indecisive Girl here….

I was working at the Boys and Girls club when, suddenly, it was Spring Break week, and we ran it as a theme/spirit week. Pirate Day, Super-Hero day… I had to come up with costumes!

Indecisive Girl was born out of the need for creative decision making (or… lack of ability to decide.. which shoes work better with this outfit?  Gold or black? Socks or Sandles?

Sometimes Costumes can be easily put together from things around the house – sometimes they take special materials…. I’d love to see your favorite costumes, from this year or from years past!

I’ve been getting to see some great costumes!  Shared on Instagram, Twitter, and pictures being sent my way!


Corina of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights tries on a mask!

CSXAGHZU8AEv2kaHannah of Things Matter went as Dr. Who last year!

This party has an awesome costume box, full of just about anything you can imagine. If you don’t have a costume already feel free to pick from the box! (Describe your costume, of draw a picture of it!)

The countdown to Halloween is on!!  Join the party!  Decorate a pumpkin, join in a game, share a story, contribute a treat, share your favorite costume! Join the fun!


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