Halloween Science!

Who better to host a science experiment post than Steampunk-Princess Alli!

I always enjoy a good slimy science experiment – so this party totally has a science station – inspired by Nerd In The Brains Go Play Go Learn challenge!

I took some plain old gummy worms and put them in a jar of water.  But I am not pleased with simply water — I also wanted to try them in some other liquids (to see if they reacted differently).


So I put one in water, one in pickle juice (I had it on hand), and one in orange soda.

The result:

Water-soaked, pickle-juiced, soda’d and the one at the bottom is un-soaked.

The one in the water was the clearest expander… the one in pickle juice and the one in orange soda expanded some though not as much as the one in water… though they did pick up some of the coloring from their respective liquids (didn’t show up quite so well in the picture).

Why does this happen?  I found a good explanation for it, but basically it comes down to the fact that the gummy bears don’t have much liquid in them so they absorb the liquids they’re soaked in — like a sponge!  It’s a pretty fun and simple experiment, and the results are very slimy and fell apart if you aren’t careful!

What are your favorite, slimy, experiments?

And be sure to check out Nerd In The Brains Spooky Science over at Part Time Monster today!
We definitely have to have some dry ice at the party!



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