Halloween Treats!

Today Bumble Bee Alli is hosting the party!

Happy Halloween…Week!!

We’ve got a Halloween Word Game going on, and some Pumpkin Decorating! Now, how about some snacks?

I saw this idea that I liked on Pinterest so thought it was worth a shot.. I give you: Rice Crispy Pumpkins!


Basically you make Rice Crispy’s, and then roll them into balls and add some half-tootsie-rolls for stems.

Now, the instructions I found said to form them while it was still 20151024_110353warm but… well… that ends up really sticky.  So I let it cool a little bit and used utensils to aid in the shaping.  Oh, and the coloring is created by a careful mix of food coloring when you have the melted marshmallows.

It took some time, but the results are fun and delicious!

Of course, Halloween had to include some mud pies!  Good old pudding and chocolate cookie crumbs with gummy worms. I made mine with butterscotch pudding (because I like it better than chocolate), Gluten-Free Cookies (that I crunched up in plastic bags) and gummy worms.  Yum!


And, because I want to make sure that things are festive, let me combine them all for a bit of a centerpiece:

Complete with tootsie-roll tombstone and marshmallow ghost…. I should have bought a pre-shaped one…


What Halloween Goodies do you want to make sure we have at the party?

Have you started your Costume work?


3 thoughts on “Halloween Treats!”

  1. I like the rice crispy treat idea. I think, or hope, that the boys and I will be making skull cookies this week. We’ll see if it happens. Sometimes the lure of their Kindle Fire tablet is greater than going to Nana’s house so we’ll see. There’s a three day break for school this week so hopefully we’ll be doing some fun stuff!


    1. Yay! I hope you do get some fun stuff done 🙂
      The rice crispy treats were fun to make – and if you’ve got kids (and/or adults) who don’t mind sticky fingers they are REALLY fun 🙂


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