Let the Festivities Begin!!

One of my first Halloween Costumes was a bunny!

I spent the day getting things ready for the party!! Including getting my hands very sticky with edible and non-edible materials alike! I’ve been exploring Pinterest for some ideas, and tried to make a few of them reality – the results will show up throughout the week.

Whats a Halloween Party without decorations? This one was created simply using a mason jar and sharpies!

20151014_191733 20151018_193205

Let’s decorate some pumpkins too!  I have a whole stash of them here, with some multi-color sharpies so that everyone can decorate some of their own.  What design would you put on the pumpkin?2

Here’s a pumpkin you can decorate if you don’t have one on hand!  

Share your decorations by linking them below, or tagging me on Twitter (@nerissarain) or Instagram (@eclecticali) and I’ll share them through the week!


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