Costume Party!!

As I mentioned over at Part-Time Monster, I LOVE Halloween costumes. It’s so much fun to get to dress up, to pretend to be something else for a time.  I love the creativity that some people put into their costumes, and the chance to see the fun things people decide they want to be for the day.

So, I am hosting a costume party!

When I was younger I hosted all sorts of party’s – including some great Halloween Gatherings.  But now it’s a bit harder, friends are scattered, many have children, and too often Halloween falls on a work-night.

I know, excuses, excuses….

Last year I hosted a Masquerade Ball Story-Hop (which ended up kicking off a entire year of story-hops!)  This year I wanted to do something different so I’m going to throw a good old Halloween Costume Party here on the blog!!  Consider it a blog-hop as well!

Eclectic Alli's Halloween Costume Party
Join the party! Feel free to snag this picture to add to your blog if you’re participating!

Here’s how it will work: Between October 24 and midnight October 31st Pacific Time I will be having Halloween Party fun on the blog! (After Midnight on the 31st my Halloween Celebrations turn into NaNoWriMo madness!)

We’ll have a few party games, share people’s favorite costumes (current or from the past), maybe telling some scary stories (especially if someone has a favorite to share!), sharing refreshment (ideas), movie suggestions and (because I am a book-geek) scary-reading suggestions!

If you want to participate there are a couple of ways you can do so:

  1. Create your own Halloween Post and link-back to this one.  Starting October 25th I’ll begin re-blogging posts throughout the week 🙂
  2. Craft a guest post! Want to share your party contributions right here on the blog?  I’d love them!  You can contact me using the form below, either with the content of the post, or an idea of what you’d like to do, and I’ll email you back!
  3. Comment and participate!  All week there will be activities going on – and they’ll only be fun if people participate!  Read, comment, contribute and share!!

Looking forward to the party!  At the end of the week there will be some prizes awarded too (because what is a costume party without prizes?!)


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