If We Were Having Coffee… Scavenger Hunts and Halloween

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about the scavenger hunt I did this week for Nerd In The Brain! As part of the Go Play Challenge, (It’s not too late to join the fun! Check it out!) I set out to find ten specific things — and really had fun with how they all came together.  So…. I’d want to tell you the story.

All my scavenger hunt finds, all in one place!
All my scavenger hunt finds, all in one place!


  1. a skeleton with a top hat
  2. a ghost
  3. decomposition (There are lots of types of decomp in the world. You don’t need to take a picture of roadkill or anything…but I’m totally okay with it if you do.) 🙂
  4. a black bird
  5. a rat wearing at least one item of clothing
  6. a tombstone
  7. a dinosaur skeleton
  8. a masked man or woman
  9. a sugar skull
  10. a jack o lantern face carved into cheese (We did this…it was stupidly fun.) 🙂

A Skeleton With a Top Hat.

This was the easiest to find for me, and the first that reminded me one of the awesome things about living at my Mom’s house:

Me: “Mom, where are the Halloween Decorations?  I need to put a top-hat on a Skeleton.”

Mom: (not batting an eye) “I think they’re in the living room.”

Now the Snazzy Skeleton hangs out behind my desk

A Ghost

I spent the week wondering why I hadn’t found a ghost yet.  Maybe because the Halloween decorations haven’t been put up yet most places.

Finally on Friday I had an epiphany!  My boss had decorated a bulletin board in one part of our office – I hadn’t been bringing my lunch this week so I hadn’t been back to the room with the bulletin board in it.

“Wait!” I thought, “I bet she put some sort of Halloween decorations on it!”

And, lo and behold, there were ghosts to be found!

Ghosts in a tree!



I thought a long time on this, kept my eyes out — but finally figured to take the simple route out… I present you with Banana Peel and Coffee Grounds Waiting To Be Taken to the Compost.

Compost me!

A Black Bird

This will be simple, I said. This is going to be a piece of cake, I thought. Every day I see tons of crows around the city.  Surely I would be able to catch a picture without any trouble.

So, of course, the only ones that I could see were flying very high. It wasn’t until Friday, as I picked up some final pieces I needed, that I spotted one – hanging out in the store perched atop a net. Thank you, Portland, for always putting a bird on things.

Put a Bird on It.

A Rat Wearing at Least One Item of Clothing

The first one I tracked down was actually the last one that I got a picture of.  A friend of mine was happy to provide me with a rat wearing clothing! We weren’t able to get together until Friday night, so we went out, got drinks, caught up (quite a lot has happened in the time since we got together last!) and got a picture.

Enjoying a Lemon-Drop 🙂

I do have to share what I had thought about doing for this, though.. I was seriously tempted to buy a rat skeleton – put a top-hat on it, and get the picture… so tempted…

A Tombstone

I actually found a number of tombstones! The first were done by an awesome artist I met in Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Martha Hull does some very awesome artwork – I really enjoyed her stuff.  She had picture books, and prints, and other awesome things like that — including a “Be Right Back” Tombstone!

20151007_171307 20151007_171316

But then I found another tombstone that was even more fun.  Grabbing some Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry’s, and a drizzly fall day, I spotted a tombstone decoration in the store!


A Dinosaur Skeleton

This one made me smile. I was having a very hard time figuring out where to find one without going to a toy/hobby shop, or a picture in a book. Then, another idea…

Me: “Hey… Mom… do you have a dinosaur skeleton?”

Mom: *Eyes light up* “Wait just one minute!” *runs upstairs for a few minutes*

When she returned she pulled out two dinosaur skeleton models. Wooden models that were acquired who-knows-when and recently rediscovered during some re-arranging and cleaning.  So I gleefully took the models to my room and put one together!

Look! Its a Dinosaur!!
Dino and Skeleton had fun chilling out together.

A Masked Man or Woman

Yeah, easy one – I just happen to have a mask hanging out in my room that I got while I was at a conference in New Orleans!

Then Dino, Skeleton, and I got to hang out together!


A Sugar Skull

I would have loved to get an authentic sugar-skull, but couldn’t quite figure where I’d find one, and it seems a bit early in the season.  I thought about taking a more creative way out — maybe pouring some sugar on a piece of dark paper and making it into a skull shape — or perhaps arranging a bunch of sugar packets into a skull!  But then I realized I have access to the ever-awesome Moonstruck Chocolates, who always have great Chocolates this time of year…

Chocolate Skulls, frankensteins, mummies, demons… and pumpkins.
They also had some ghosts!

A Jack-O-Lantern Face carved into cheese

I… kinda… sorta… thought I’d try this on string-cheese (it did NOT work…but I didn’t injure myself either so I call that a win).  So instead I tackled the remains of a block of Cheddar I had.

Pumpkin-Faced Cheese!


I had so much fun with this! I’ve been having fun with the entire challenge!

This week I also got to have a few guest-posts.  On Monday I was over at Part-Time Monster talking about the Giant’s Wife in Into The Woods, and on Thursday I was again at Part-Time Monster, exploring Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels with Corina.   I’ll be back to Part-Time Monster later this month with another Halloween-themed post!

I also have been planning some things for my blog! The details are still in the works, and more will be announced next week, but I am going to be hosting a bit of a Halloween Party here on my blog!  I love this holiday and am enjoying the chance to get into the spirit!


18 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… Scavenger Hunts and Halloween”

  1. It makes me so, so happy to see how much fun you had with the scavenger hunt! 😀 I love your pictures, and the “Put a bird on it” caption made me giggle. 🙂 I’m off to go award some points right now!


    1. SO MUCH FUN!
      I forgot to put in the post that when I contacted my friend the conversation went something like this:
      “Hey, randomish question… do you have a stuffed or plastic rat I could borrow?”
      “Not random at all. Of course! What size?”
      I love my friends 🙂


  2. I loved your idea of the sugar skull made with the sugar packets. I’ve been considering making some sugar skulls this year, I’m just not sure where my molds are. : P But they are fun to make and to decorate. Congratulations on finishing the scavenger hunt.


  3. The toughest one for me to find was the cheese to carne a Jack o lantern. I don’t ever have cheese. My daughter didn’t have any. I checked four grocery specialty stores going to find a Jack o lantern made of cheese on display, no luck. I finally canned and bought BabyBel gouda. The boys love cheese and it’s already a round shape!


          1. The funny thing is that I always thought cheesecake would taste like cheese so I would never eat it. When I got married, it was my husband’s favorite dessert so I was convinced to try it. Boy was I wrong about the taste!


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