Adventures in Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels

Today I’m over at Part-Time Monster, talking a bit about Portland’state Shanghai Tunnels!

Part Time Monster

Editor’s note: Today’s post is a joint effort from Allison and from a brand-new-to-the-Monster contributor, Corina! You can find out more about both of them on the contributors’ page or on their blogs!

 Just what are the Shanghai Tunnels?

Allison:   Farmers, lumberjacks, and other blue-collar workers in the 1800’s would come in from the surrounding communities to Portland, Oregon in order to spend their earnings in the many bars that filled downtown. Sometimes these men would find themselves victims of Shanghai, captured by the “Crimps” and sold off to serve on ships leaving port.

The stories of these Crimps often sound like tall-tales such as the group of men who accidentally drank formaldehyde rather than beer and were sold to the ship-captains as being “dead-drunk.” Names such as Joe “Bunco” Kelly and James Turk were well known to Into The Tunnelsbarkeeps, police, and the general public.

There is no debate…

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