Go Play, Go Learn! Looking To The Past Wrap-Up

The past two weeks I’ve been running the Go Play, Go Learn Challenge (normally housed at Nerd In The Brain!) Challenging people to look into the history that is around them – and folks have been exploring all sorts of history!

I spent the two weeks paying attention to the history that surrounds me during my downtown wanderings.

Hannah of Things Matter has been all but drowning in history books – including some that explore intriguing ways to understand the subconscious motivations of French Revolutionaries.

Corina, of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights has been visiting graveyards and parks tied to the local history.

Solveig Werner explored some family history and reflected some on the importance of gathering those stories.

Jessie of Behind the Willows shared her experience with some Civil War living history.

Nerd In The Brain took a visit to an old cemetery!

and Kayly paid a visit to King Richard’s Faire!

So much excellent history exploration! I had so much fun seeing what everyone was up to! All participants also participating in Nerd In The Brain’s Go Play Challenge will receive 10 extra points for their participation in this challenge!!

Now, the winner of the NERD OF THE WEEK award!

Drum-roll please!



Jessie of Behind the Willows!


Be sure to check out Nerd In The Brain for the next installment of Go Play, Go Learn — and keep an eye out for more future collaborations between us! 😉


8 thoughts on “Go Play, Go Learn! Looking To The Past Wrap-Up

  1. This challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I love learning more about history especially with regards to things nearby. I’ll have to check out the Go Play! challenge. It sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂


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