If We Were Having Coffee… Theater Time!

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!


weekendcoffeeshare (1)

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m excited this week to be running the Go Play, Go Learn challenge for Nerd in the Brain!  It runs for another week, so check it out!  Today I did some work for my own work for it this weekend, I’ll be running that post next weekend!

Today was pretty cool.  In addition to getting some pictures and things lined up for my Go Play, Go Learn challenge, I got a number of pictures taken for the Go Play challenge and enjoyed wandering around town.  It’s been a long week and it was nice to spend the day just meandering downtown.

I ended the afternoon by going to see Pippin! I didn’t know anything about the show going into it — which is kind of unusual for me and musicals.  I really enjoyed the show, there were some really spectacular moments, and the choreography and music were stunning.

I’m not too happy with the fact it’s now dark outside when I wake up, but I am appreciating the pretty sunrises!
Saturday was a beautiful day to spend time downtown — I enjoyed some time by the river, and hanging out by one of the fountains.
My seats for the show were way high up – which means I got a good stair-climb in on my way to the show.


After the show I took advantage of a coupon I had to treat myself to a delicious meal!


How has your weekend been?


3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… Theater Time!”

    1. I’ve just been having so much fun with it! (And had a real advantage of having a week-long camping trip on a lake in the during the challenge!)
      Even if your kids DON’T wanna participate you should! Play without them!


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