Go Play, Go Learn: Looking to the Past

You can learn things about a tree’s history by looking at its rings.

Nerd In The Brain decided to take a hiatus from Go Play, Go Learn this week — so I decided to take a turn running one!  It will run for two weeks.

Here’s how things work (drawing from Nerd In The Brain’s wording here):

  • Every two weeks Nerd In The Brain gives a goofy fun challenge.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate… grown ups, families, kids… everyone.
  • If you complete this challenge , let ME know by email, or by using the contact form (at the bottom of this post), on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, or by linking from a post you write to this post! (For kicks – Tag @nerdinthebrain on Twitter and Instagram too!)
  • At the end of two weeks I’ll pick a Nerd of the Week!  Hopefully Nerd in the Brain will let me award her very special badge to the Nerd of the Week!  It comes with fame and glory, too! 🙂

Now for the challenge!

History is stories, stories told through a variety of mediums about times past.  You never know where you might find it, it’s all around us.

Find history around you and find ways to engage with it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Visit a museum and historical society, find the most interesting historical tidbit you can.
  • Take a walk around town and find what kind of historical markers you can find.
  • Ask someone to tell you their favorite story about their life.
  • Read some history – fiction or non-fiction.
  • Find history in nature!  Look at the evidence of the past in the natural world.
  • Dig in the ground to find evidence of the past.
  • Imagine what it was like to live in another time, learn a bit about that time and create a story, or a picture, about what your life might have been life.
  • Find out what people dressed like in the past and create your own costume!
  • Learn about the history that can be found in rocks!
  • Create your own “project” to explore history!


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