Go Play Challenge! An Entire Weeks Worth!~

Nerd In the Brain is running an awesome challenge: Go Play!
Over the past week I managed to undertake a lot of the challenges! Normally I’d post them on Instagram as I went – but I wasn’t able to do so because we didn’t have any internet access… so instead I get to put them up here:

Challenge # 14: Go Camping:

My Tent for 5 nights
My tent for 5 nights of camping!

Day 2 of Camping:

I went out on the bike! Sadly, though, didn’t get out on it as much as I wanted – just one.
Picnic Lunch Day 2
Picnic Lunch #4 – I did technically have a picnic every day, but only remembered a picture of one of them. This particular lunch served as a reminder about knife safety.. more to come…
Day 2 playing frisbee with the dog
Challenge #6: Play Frisbee!

Day 2 Solitaire
Challenge #9: Play a Card Game

Carved a Pepper
#27: Carve or Decorate a Pumpkin — I carved a pepper, does that count?
Day 2 Build something out of wood
#56 Build something out of wood – I made a campfire!
#38: Visit the closest body of water – Waldo Lake.

Day 3:
So, my personal rule is that I can’t use the same thing two days in a row (like the same body of water, or the same statue) so… I had to vary things up a bit.

#38 – Visit the Closest Body of Water – Crater Lake!
#11 Visit a museum and take a selfie with something interesting. This was at Crater Lake. The rudder of The Cleetwood, which was used to map Crater Lake in 1886.
Dad was willing to help with the challenge! He said it could count as #26 – pose for a picture with a dinosaur? ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4:

#6 and #7 – Play Frisbee and Play Catch! I got Dad, my Step-Mom and the Dog all in on the games ๐Ÿ™‚
#16 – go swimming – and the bonus challenge – GET SOAKED! I swam out to one of the islands ๐Ÿ™‚
#17 – Go Kayaking. My step-mom let me take out her kayak for a while — it was pretty fun.
#21 – Pose for a picture with a statue — and maybe #26 – pose for a picture with a dinosaur.
The statue/dinosaur from a distance. Someone put together some driftwood to look like a sea-monster. And sea-monsters are dinosaur.. like?
#38 Visit the closest body of water – this time I found a little creek on a hike – most of the little feeder creeks were dry, but this one had a little water in it.
I played solitaire again before dinner!
Another night, another building something out of wood to burn~!
I kinda climbed a tree… #64. It was just the bent part of the tree, not a far climb but… technically a climb….

Day 5:

Too tired to do much other than sit, read, and write on the island… but I did play a card game again… solitaire again.
Waldo Lake again, but it looked so very different… I think I can count it as the nearest body of water – since I spent all day on it.

Day 6:

We packed up and headed home.. it was sad to say goodbye to Waldo Lake – but I’ll be back again soon. ย For my Go Play challenge I just got a picture of one of the bodies of water that we passed on the way out. The water level was really low, which is worrisome – I hope there’s more snow-pack this year to help raise the levels.



3 thoughts on “Go Play Challenge! An Entire Weeks Worth!~”

  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I’m so, so happy that you had such a fantastic trip with your family! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I counted 24 points plus 5 for getting soaked…that is awesome! (And the pepper totally counts. And I’m giving you the dinosaur points for cleverness even though your dad looks nothing close to dino-aged to me.) ๐Ÿ˜€


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