Trees! Trees! Trees!

Nerd In The Brain‘s Go Play! Go Learn! Challenge this week is “Go Climb a Tree.”  I totally wish I could actually climb a tree – that was something I loved to do as a kid, but I didn’t let myself actually climb a tree this time. My favorite climbing tree is no longer so climbable, and I’m not quite as limber as I used to be.

Then I was going to do an inventory of trees in my yard.. but there are so many of them, so very many of them…

Instead, I thought I’d look at a few specific trees.

Looking up to the front yard trees.

My yard is home to a number of Douglas Firs.  These amazing trees tower high in my neighborhood, and I love them.  There are a few clusters, some in front of the house, some in back.  They’ve been there forever, and have grown over the years (but they’ve always been HUGE).  The ones in the backyard grew enough to start pushing against our porch and we had to chop a few feet of the porch off, because they grow out while the grow up.

See how much taller those trees are than our two-story house?

Sometimes we get wind storms, and the trees move in them.  Towering beasts that they are, they still can be moved by the wind.  And sometimes their branches and pine-cones get tossed into the road and pathways.

Remnants after a recent storm.

In the back yard, though, is the coolest Doug Fir… because this is the tree that I’ve gotten so see grow.  Yes, the big trees have grown — but the one in the back (probably from the seeds of one of the larger and older ones) was just an itty-bitty tree when I was a kid.

Still not a huge tree, but it’s growing!


Though they aren’t so good for climbing, I love these trees!  I love their pine-cones, and the scent of their needles.  I have fun watching them sway in the wind and the way their long branches dance on the breeze.

What kind of trees are in your yard?


6 thoughts on “Trees! Trees! Trees!”

  1. Oh, I love this post…and all of those glorious tree pics! 😀 We have a ton of huge oak trees in our yard. They’re awesome for shade and wildlife, but cleaning up their leaves in the Autumn is a beastly chore. 😉


  2. Douglas Firs are gorgeous – I love the smell of their needles. Wouldn’t fancy climbing one though 😉 The last time I climbed a tree I got stuck and my brother had to help me down, which wasn’t my most dignified moment, but was still worth it!


    1. Hehe, no, climbing them would be messy! The big leaf maples tended to be my climbing trees. A friend had informed me she has some apple trees that are good for climbing for those of us who are feeling less-than-limber, so perhaps my climbing days aren’t behind me!

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