If We Were Having Coffee… Brief Visit

weekendcoffeeshare (1)Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

If we were having coffee I’d be excited to tell you that I got to meet Corina of Wasted Day and Wasted Nights! We got together last night for dinner and then a venture into the Portland Underground (more about that to come at another time!)

Otherwise it’s been a pretty normal week – work’s been a bit slower which has allowed me some time for a few projects, but I haven’t managed to get as much editing done as I need. That’s going to change soon though — I am determined.

This week enters my countdown to vacation!  I have exciting plans starting next Friday and am really looking forward to the chance to get away from my normal routine for a while.

If we were having coffee I wouldn’t be able to chat for long — I’m having a group of friends over tonight for a play reading and need to do some cleaning and food prep for it.  But I’ve got some time to hear about your week – how have things been for you?


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