Head in the Clouds – FOR SCIENCE!

I love clouds.  As a kid (and an adult) I have actually spent time laying on the grass (or pavement, or park bench, or sand) watching the sky above me.  When I was very little I created stories about creatures that lived in the clouds, and would imagine the tops of clouds to hold all sorts of fantastical buildings.  Cotton Candy is one of my favorite sweets because (aside from the fact that it’s pretty much pure sugar) I have long been convinced that it is like eating a sweet cloud.

So I was very excited that Nerd In The Brain gave me a great excuse to wander around with my Head in the Clouds… well, more than I already do.  We were challenged to see what different kind of clouds we could find, learn about what they might tell us about the weather, maybe identify some of them.

I immediately started taking pictures of clouds (well, more than I already was) and posting them on Instagram.

Just some of the cloud pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

So many clouds!!

I know that they all have different names and you can tell different things from them — some of my favorite clouds are the ones that roll in just before a storm.  There have been some I’ve seen that are so heavy with rain that the color of them changes to an amazingly deep blue.

There are lots of pages that help you to identify clouds, but I’ve always been more interested in the story I see in them.  Sometimes it’s a simple picture and sometimes it’s something more — phrases and images that go with the pictures.

I love the layering of these clouds, it’s so intriguing and beautiful. I see a castle in this, winding paths twisting from a dark place into the sky.
Do you see the face!? This is one of the coolest clouds I’ve seen in a very long time!
Different kinds of clouds in this one! There’s so much variety it’s amazing.
And in this one I saw a dolphin and… some other kind of creature… not entirely sure what it is.

Do you like watching the skies?  What do you see in the clouds?

This is part of Nerd In the Brains “Go Play; Go Learn Challenge” a super-awesome series that encourages us all to get outside, play, and learn.


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