Ode to a House Spider

My household has had a somewhat unusual pet these days.  She doesn’t have a name, but she’s been around for nearly a year.

I suppose there are plenty of people who have spiders as pets, but the ones I’ve encountered live in containers and are usually fairly large.

Our spider is small, an Orb Spider.  She keeps herself contained to the small space of ceiling/wall in the kitchen.  Unlike some spiders I have encountered (yes, I’m talking to you, you silly outside spiders) she never puts her web across where we are going to walk into them early in the morning on the way to catch my bus to work.

She’s better trained than the dogs that live with us.  She never leaves a mess, doesn’t make a noise and just kind of does her own thing.  Though, she’s not as cuddly or fun to play with as the dogs.

I’m not entirely sure when it was decided to invite this particular guest to take up residence… but somewhere along the way it was decided that instead of capturing and releasing her we would let her stay.  She was, after all, eating some of the moths that had been trying to infiltrate.  Soon my housemates began to feed them too her too – catching the flies and releasing them into her web.

Who could argue with free meal delivery?

One of the things I find intriguing is how she just sits there, hanging out in her corner, never roaming far.  And also how many people don’t notice her.  House-guests who have been in and out of the kitchen didn’t even realize that she was hanging out just above their heads.

I’m not sure how long she’ll continue to live with us — the little research I’ve done tells me that their life-span tends to be only about a year (with a nice reference to Charlotte’s Web).  But she’s been an interesting addition to the household for the time being.  I just wish she could take care of the ants challenge we’ve been having.

Our little spider.


Though it’s a bit late, this post is inspired by Nerd In The Brains Gettin’ Buggy With it challenge – part of the Go Play, Go Learn series!  Since “arthropods” were specified as the type of creatures to look at arachnids count!  Even if “bugs” usually is used to refer to insects.

The Go Play, Go Learn series is an awesome series, and totally worth checking out.  Coming up sometime this week, my less-belated response to the “Head in The Clouds” challenge!




7 thoughts on “Ode to a House Spider”

  1. I love your pet spider! 😀 Perhaps being indoors and having meals delivered will extend her life to beyond a year? (I hope so!)

    And you’re absolutely right about the arthropod thing…I didn’t want to be too limiting with the challenge. 😉

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the clouds!

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    1. I was going to try to get my cloud post up Monday… but think it’s gonna wait till Wednesday (that much more time for cloud pictures, right!?)
      I do hope she stays around a bit longer, I’ve grown a bit fond of her.

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  2. I’m not that comfortable around spiders but agree they are very industrious and useful creatures. That being said, we did live for a while in a house in Australia that had a large huntsman spider living in the enclosed front porch. Sure, there were others around as well, but this one sort of felt like a little guardian of the house – he never came inside but I would often see him on the window at the side of the door, long striped legs against the glass. I named him Solomon, and I was quite sad when one day he wasn’t there any more.


  3. Wow! We have two orb weavers right now, building beautiful large webs around the porch eaves, but I can’t imagine they’ll live through winter here. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain this summer, and we see more spiders accordingly.
    I’ve named one Penelope, but the other is nameless. I need a better look 😉


  4. I had a spider living in my car’s right side mirror forever. It really become sort of a pet, she was there for at least a year. I lost her on a road trip, she fell off someplace in New Mexico. I always felt bad for her. After all she started off her life as a coastal spider, she must have found the change environment just awful!

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