Monster Monday: Ursula and the Sea Witch

I’m over on Part Time Monster today… just skimming the surface in an exploration of Ursula/The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid!

Part Time Monster

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from new contributor Allison, who you can find out more about on our contributors page or on her blog, Eclectic Alli.


The Sea Witch — the undisputed villain of Disney’s The Little Mermaid –– holds a somewhat different role in the Hans Christian Andersen tale by the same name. In both she serves as an important character, providing the Little Mermaid a way to reach what she wants, but the characterization is so different.

Ursula, her Disney name, is a power-hungry creature, out for vengeance and willing to (quite adeptly) manipulate the situation to get what she wants.  She lives in what appears to be the rib-cage of a deceased sea-creature, the only path to her home is through a garden of reaching, grabbing creatures of her creation.

All her actions (except for one notable point) are directed to one goal: revenge against…

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