Twisting into Pretzels While the World Carries On.

Some time ago a friend shared this picture with me (shared here with permission).  This friend, who has been juggling her final year of seminary, church-work, a family (which includes one of my previous guest-posters!) and some-semblance of a social life, was trying to get in a few moments of spiritual practice.  Just trying to do some yoga.

11023816_10153078503479909_5862488083710253538_nShe was aided in this endeavor, as you can see, by her toddler and the family dog.

I love this picture.  It made me laugh and smile, but also resonated deeply.  I don’t have toddlers or puppies that climb on me when I’m trying to relax (well, sometimes there are puppies), and I don’t do yoga… but there are certainly times in my life when I feel like this.  Desperately trying to do something to take care of myself — engaging in some sort of practice to improve my physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual well being… only to be faced with obstacles and challenges.  Because life keeps happening, even if we are trying to take a moment of pause.  There’s no way around it.

So we have to learn to keep going.  We have to adapt and modify in order to balance the demands of life, while still taking care of our own well-being. We have to learn how to do yoga with toddlers and puppies.

It’s about balance, being adaptable and flexible.

And, sometimes, it’s about giving up on the initial plans and giving in to toddler-snuggles and puppy-play-time.



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