Fox. Hunting. Interview!

The most excellent and talented Rose B. Fischer is releasing a serial series, the Foxes of Synn! In honor of this roll-out, the stars of the stories are paying visits around the Blogosphere this summer (also, there’s a writing contest!)


The first of these, Fox. Hunting stars Diana, one of a set of triplets, born to a noble family.  She’s a great character and I really enjoyed getting to read this little bit of her story. I’m excited that she’s agreed to hang out with us today and answer some questions!


Allison: Diana thanks for joining me here — make yourself at home.  I tend to always have coffee on hand, do you drink coffee?  (If not, I have plenty of other beverages to offer, and snacks!)

 Diana: Thank you, Alli, I do like coffee. I like pumpkin spice coffee, but I don’t know if you have that. On Earth, they only have it in the fall — oh. Wait. You’re from Earth, aren’t you? I’m not sure it’s the same Earth.  *deep ponderous frown* Interacting with writers is always so confusing. Oh, well. Whatever. Moving on.

Allison: I love that you have different personas… disguises. I guess that it feels like more than just a fake-persona that you pretend to be.  Why do you present yourself as a commoner, or thief?

 Diana:  Well, I am a thief.  I’ve been one as long as I can remember.  I just can’t help it.  I like shiny things, and there are so many people who just don’t deserve them.  My sister says it’s totally not my place to decide that, but I mean…if I’m the one standing there, and someone’s being a jerk, and they’re rich, who else is going to decide, you know?  So, I had an apprenticeship and stuff and learned the trade.

My other job is to be my family’s representative in the Council of Duchesses and the Royal court. It’s a lot of politics and intrigue and socializing with different groups of people. You meet a lot of snooty, puffed-up  people whose wives married them for their land, and the wives are kind of snooty too, when they’re not politicking, so it gets…just…ugh! You know? Somebody’s gotta take these people down a peg or two.

Allison: Do you often follow the “rob from the rich (or perhaps the rude) and give to the poor” model?

Diana:  Oh, no! No, no, no.  Why would I go to all the trouble of robbing a jerk so I could give my loot away? I love loot.  *ponders* I think it’s a fox thing. Being a thief is actually an expression of tricksterism.  Tricking people is a calling for foxes, and there’s an ethics to it. I consider it my sacred duty to trick people who have it coming. 

I don’t rob people who can’t afford to be robbed, unless they’re just so nasty that it’s the only way to teach them a lesson.  I do give some away.  I support the Queen’s orphanage in Arcanion.  But it was an accident!  I totally did not mean to start giving money to an orphanage AT ALL.

Allison: You have such an engaging personality, I love the way you interact with the world with a bit of humor, mischievous humor I might say.  Does that ever get you into trouble?

Diana:  Thanks! Well, um, if it does, I don’t remember.  I have an atrocious memory, really.

Allison: I gathered that the Thieves Guild isn’t particularly fond of you… Have you had many run in’s with them?

Diana: It’s mostly Drake. The Thieves Guild used to be reputable before he took over. Well. As reputable as you can get with an organization of criminals. Like, Guild dues and tithes and all of that used to be used to help Guild members if they got sick or if they had to go to prison. Drake stopped doing that, so I stopped paying my dues. We’ve been butting heads for years now, but this is the first time he’s ever figured out that Diana Malimore and Diana Fox are the same person. This could be some serious trouble for me.

This is in danger of sounding like an interrogation! Let’s shift gears, tell me some about your family — I find the few of them I’ve read about intriguing!

Diana: Okay, well…um…seriously, I have no idea. Two of my fathers are like bigwig magicians, and my other father is The Fox. You know. Reynard the Fox, the one of legend.  I have like 18 brothers and sisters because my parents all had previous relationships, and they adopted a bunch of kids before they had me and my sisters. So, the castle is kind of crazy.  But everybody’s moving out now, so I guess it won’t be for long. Well, Cleo moved out a while ago, but Aldra is going, and so am I.  And my brother-in-law, Kane, is heading up a new Ranger division soon. OMG, there are way too many to keep track of…

Thanks Diana for visiting today!

Be sure to check out her story, and more stories about the Foxes of Synn!

You can find another interview, with Diana’s fathers, over at Things Matter! Meet the Malimores: Thad, Reynard, and Micah



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