#LazyLambs Book Club — Reading Weekend!

It came up on a bit of a whim.

I had a very successful weekend on the novel, word-sprinting on Twitter with Hannah, Sabina, and A.P (with AJ not participating in the sprints, but joining the conversation!)  It was really wonderful and lovely (and did I mention productive?) weekend!

One thing that came up in the end of this greatly productive weekend — some of us are quite behind on our reading.  I’d planned to use next weekend (well, aside from another visit to a wine tasting!) to read.  Given that this is a busy week at work, I know that my brain is going to be a bit worn out, so I want to plan to do something relaxing, but useful.

So, I have decided to host a little read-along this weekend!  For those participating in the #LazyLambs Book Club (Are you?  You should!) might want to use it to read A Dirty Job… but you could use it to read anything!

Participating in Pink for All Seasons, why not catch up on what Miss Gwen is up to? (I have to admit, I kinda binge-read the book the other day so now am waiting for the next month to start the next book…)

Or maybe you’re doing the Alcott Reading Challenge? (which is the books I’m going to be focusing on I think).

Maybe you’re participating in Nerd in the Brains Reading Dragons Summer reading program? By the weekend we’ll know what the challenges are!

Or maybe you need to catch up on your reading for the Classics Club?

Could be that you’re participating in any number of other reading challenges and book clubs floating around.

Join us in reading for any of them!  I’ll be hosting Read-sprints on Twitter @nerissarain , I’ll probably also use the #LazyLambs Book Club hashtag.  Not sure exactly HOW to run a reading-sprint… but… I’ll find a way 🙂

If nothing else, we can share bits and pieces of what we’re reading.  Favorite quotes, reactions, fun things like that.  Basically, add to all our our To Be Read lists!

Hope you’ll join me!


6 thoughts on “#LazyLambs Book Club — Reading Weekend!”

    1. I’m thinking perhaps having everyone set a time and then report favorite line read, or say “at the end of a chapter call out you favorite line” or.. something. Got a week to figure it out 🙂


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