If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee I’d probably look a bit ragged…. again?  Yeah, I don’t think I’m actually getting sleep when I sleep these days.  There’s just so much on my plate… this weekend I’m working on trying to clear that up a bit.

We’d have to grab coffee somewhere, since I’m too overwhelmed to think about making it.  I would want to hear all about your week, how things are going for you.  I’d try to tell you about what has been happening in my life, but I think it would end up coming out as a list:

  • I’ve been having some good stuff happening at work.  Settling into my new job, and think I”m doing well at it.  I’m also starting to help in training the person who took my old position, which is sometimes a challenge.  In a lot of ways I crafted that position into what it is, so to try and teach someone else how to do it involves a lot of stepping back, letting go, giving my best advice and then letting them make it their own.
    One of the things I’m really proud of work-wise this week is that we met with an individual who uses Screen-Reading technology to look at the webpages that I’ve really had a key part in creating.  He said we’d done a very good job, with just a few tweaks (that didn’t really get too much in the way with the accessibility of the page, just to make it smoother).  I love that we have been able to create a page that is accessible.
  • I successfully completed that A to Z Blogging Challenge! I’ll be writing a reflection on it later this weekend (probably going up on Monday), but was very pleased with how it went.  I plan to keep visiting some of the other A to Z blogs (including checking out the blogs of everyone who commented here) in the months to come.
  • I’ve been trying to get a lot of writing done, though it’s been coming in bits and spurts.  I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to square away some things and make real progress.
  • Later today I’ll be doing my first Lazy Lambs Book Club post!  I’m excited about this new project and hope more people will join us.  You can check out the very first post (with more information) over on Things Matter.  Mine will be coming later today (I hope!)
  • I have a few projects in the works.  Things I hope to put into place, guest posts that I’m working on, and it’s all exciting… but means a lot of work.  I’ve also been working away at Bria Lana (the novel) as well… Finding the time is hard… it’s so hard to find time.

And… that’s my rambling check-in for the moment.  Time for some grocery-shopping, and then… then I can write all this stuff that needs to get written!

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend! A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in time.


7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee”

  1. I’m sure settling into a new job while training the new guy to do your old job is challenging. It’s good that you are keeping a positive outlook.

    Congrats on surviving Blogging A from to Z!


  2. The Lazy Lambs Book Club sounds very interesting. I read Diana’s post earlier today and enjoyed it. I’ll be sure to check out the others. And by the way, as soon as I am able to drive in another four or so weeks, we really should have coffee! There are a few other bloggers in the area that I am hoping to connect with in real life in the coming months. I think it would be neat!


      1. I’m in for this! As long as it’s before August (which shouldn’t be too tough to arrange). I’d be heartbroken if I missed it by being in NY!


  3. I had to train someone to replace me for my high school job of “Early Learners Specialist” at Kumon math & reading tutoring. Like you, I shaped the position a lot, so it was tough to teach my replacement how to be me. After a few months of being gone I found out that she couldn’t handle the responsibility, so now my position doesn’t even exist!


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