Celebrate the Small Things: Award Acceptance!

Today I celebrate a much needed Friday (I’ve thought it was Friday for half the week.. so I’m glad it actually is now). I have SURVIVED the A to Z challenge, and had a really lovely time!

And I celebrate with some blog-award acceptance!  Thank you, Emilia for the nominations!

Be sure to check out BookBug’s World for some great reading 🙂

My tactic for these kind of  blogging awards is simple.  I’m HONORED to be nominated and really appreciate it! I’ll answer the questions (they’re usually pretty fun), and I don’t nominate people. Really the vast majority of the bloggers I interact with are awesome! Versatile and Super Super neat. So, consider yourself nominated! Just be sure to drop a line below so I can make sure I get to visit you!

real-neat-blog-award versatileblogger111




The Versatile Blogger Award and the Real Neat Blog Award.

First thing you’ve ever written and remembered (or got “remembered by”) your parents, siblings, etc was…

I honestly can’t recall the first. There were all sorts of assignments that I did for school, and there were stories that I created but never made it to the page. But there is a small collection that will likely never be seen by anyone else, ever, which I consider my start. Four “complete” manuscripts: Mirriam, Celia, Cassie and Hazel.

Your idea of a dream vacation would be…

I’ve actually given this a lot of thought the past few weeks. Here it is (at least for the moment).  A train with sleeper cars down the coast, then across the country. From there a transatlantic cruise with ocean view (and minimal entertainment stuff. I’m in it for the quiet writing time!) Then a week or so staying in a castle in England or Scotland or Ireland. THEN I could do a bit of a train tour around Europe. Finally either another cruise home, or maybe a flight (first class of course) back state-side. Followed by another train trip across the country (taking a different route).

You’re blogging because…

A number of different reasons… I love to write in any form, and it’s nice to have a platform where I can explore some of my writing and share it with others.  I also love the community I’ve had the opportunity to engage in.

Yes, my writing focus may be my fiction — but this blog has become something just as important.

Your favorite way of capturing the moment is…

There are so many ways… I like to take pictures, write reflections, and share it with friends.

If you could lock your most precious memory in a time capsule, it would be …

I don’t know… My most precious memories are times spent with friends, and there are a handful of them that I will always treasure.

Your worst nightmare would be..

I can think of a few. I’d rather not share them.

The meaning of friendship for you is…

Being there for someone.  Even when you’re not in regular touch with one another, true friends are going to be there for you when you need them.  And they are people that you are happy to give for, that you will be there for when times are tough.

My seven questions, should you choose to accept it:

1) What was one of your favorite childhood toys?

2) What is your favorite movie?

3) What is your favorite book?

4) What is your dream vacation?

5) What is something you never want to get rid of?

6) What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

7) What kind of music do you like? and why?


Today is Celebrate the Small Things Friday.  Hosted by Lexa Cain, L.G. Keltner of Writing Off the Edge, and Katie of The Cyborg Mom, Celebrate the Small Things is a time when we all take a moment to celebrate something good from our week.  It can be small, it can be big, just something to look back on the week and celebrate!

Celebrate the Small Things

5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things: Award Acceptance!

  1. Congrats on the awards! I agree with you about friendship — being there is the most important thing. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


  2. Well done with the awards, loved the answers. I do hope you enjoy my free poetry book, Kaleidoscope, free to download from Amazon for the next four days, and would love a brief review. With kind regards, Carole.


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