Taliana’ Spring Adventure Concludes (8)

Read Taliana’s Spring Adventure from the start, or jump right in for this last installment.

For the first time in what seemed like forever Taliana knew where she was.  Everything was so familiar to her though she couldn’t quite explain why.  It wasn’t a world she had been to before, yet it felt as familiar to her as her own library.

She was alone on a large rock, overlooking a great valley that reminded her of the last landscape she had overlooked from such a distance.  This valley had far less fire scattered around it.  Rather a green wooded landscape stretched below, dotted with small villages.

There were no threads. A moment of panic hit her at the realization that there were no threads to be seen.  She pressed her eyes closed, hoping that perhaps it was a trick of her eyes.  Opening them again she looked again and saw it.  Not a series of threads like she was used to, but one single thread flowing from the book to the sky and expanding to cover the world.

That was why it was so familiar.  Her breath caught in her throat as she realized she stood in Evegran.

Taliana opened the book, flipping through the pages she had become so familiar with since her birthday.  She had found it, the world of the coveted book, but with no more answers than when she started.

Simply more questions.

More questions and no time remaining.  Frowning, Taliana closed the book and looked over the valley again.  She could see a train moving through the trees- a little smokestack on the move.  She could imagine children running and playing and wondered what they would say if she encountered them here.

But she didn’t have time to ask anyone.  She hoped that, perhaps if she had a piece of this world she would be able to find her way back.  Picking up a loose rock she tucked it in to her pocket.

According to all her mother had taught her she should not be able to be in this world.  For some reason the worlds in the books could not be reached the same way as the worlds connected by the threads.  Yet, this world was connected by the threads.  Taliana shook her head at the jumble of thoughts.  She could feel a pull and knew she would get no more answers now.  Taking a breath and a step she left Evegran.

It was time to go home.


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