Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books From my Childhood to Revisit

Every week The Broke and the Bookish  hosts the “Top Ten Tuesdays” a great blog-hop for readers to reflect on their “Top Ten”

toptentuesdayTop Ten Books from my Childhood to Revisit

1) The Werewolf Family, by Jack Gantos, Nicole Rubel

I LOVED this book as a kid, and still do.  It’s a strange little story but, man, I adore it.

2) Something Queer…., by Elizabeth Levy

The “Something Queer” series were ones I loved when I was little.  And Elizabeth Levy is one of the first authors I remember getting to meet!

3) Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott

I first read this story in third grade, and re-read it somewhere along the line.  I’m long overdue for another read.

4) Strega Nona, by Tomie dePaola

Loved this story.  Still have the copy I read as a kid.

5) Maniac Magee, Jerry Spinelli

I read this for school, and then again in college somewhere.  Just a great book.

6) Ramona Quimby, by Beverly Cleary

I grew up with Ramona, and grew up with the stories, and knowing the author had grown up in my city.  I remember the TV show that was on for a while… and really just think Ramona needs another read.

7) Kate’s Book, by Mary Francis Shura

I was  obsessed with the Oregon Trail when I was younger, and this was one of the key books I adored.  (also really liked the sequel, Kate’s House)

8) Matilda, by Roald Dahl

A girl, who loves books.  Lots of books…. How could I not love it?

9) The BFG, by Roald Dahl

My fifth grade teacher read books to us out-loud after recess.  It was such a gift, at that age when you were getting some pressure to be “grown up” to have someone still read aloud to you.  The BFG was one of the books he read to us.

9) Midnight in the Dollhouse, by Marjorie Filley Stover

I went through a whole era of wanting to read tons and tons of books about dolls who came alive, this was one of my favorites.  Also, I totally wanted a dollhouse like the one in this story. (Also enjoyed the sequel, When the Dolls Woke).

10) Maggie Adams, Dancer, by Karen Strickler Dean

I also went through a stage where I read a lot of books about dancers.  This series was just one of them that I think would be fun to revisit.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books From my Childhood to Revisit

  1. Yesss to Ramona Quimby! She is on my list too! Actually ALL THE BEVERLY CLEARY. I didn’t realise, but we have STACKS of her books, omg, so many memories. x) I love Roald Dahl too. His sense of humour is slightly scary, but absolutely fabulous. 😉
    Here’s my TTT!

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  2. I need to read Little Women again… and Jo’s Boys. I also want to read Julie of the Wolves again… that story affected me so much as a young girl.


  3. Charlotte’s Web, My friend Flicka, The Moomintrolls, Any book with a horse provided it did not die in the end- my childhood reading, oh and any Greek Myths…


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