A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!!


Today’s the day!  The day to announce the theme  I’ve chosen for the upcoming A to Z blogging challenge!

For those who aren’t aware, this is a challenge to create a blog-post every day (except Sundays) for the month of April.  Starting April 1st with a topic that starts with A, April 2nd one that starts with B, and so on.  (I’m also hoping to keep my “If We Were Having Coffee..” posts going through the month, so those will go up on the Sundays… Because I have a real tendency to over-extend myself).

I decided to set a theme for the month… in an attempt to keep me focused?  I laugh as I type that, since I’ve ended up kind of all over the place anyhow in planning these posts.

Anyhow… the theme!

“Telling Tales”

In large part this is turning into short stories and vignettes.  I’m trying to do them in different voices, with a different feeling for each one.  Mid-month I have a few posts going up for National Holocaust Remembrance Week here in the US, and there is the possibility that some non-fictional “Telling Tales” will occur.

Additionally, I am going to be having some very special guest posters that I am super excited about 🙂 I’m going to keep their identities secret until their posts show up.


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