Compassion – Reflecting on #1000Speak

On Friday (and over the weekend) I participated in the 1000 Voices For Compassion campaign.  I’ve been a relatively quiet voice in the group, but have been following and listening for about a month.  Watching as it grew from a small collection of bloggers to having over 1,400 members on the Facebook group.  Friday was the day we were all building towards, and though we didn’t reach 1,000 bloggers linking to the hub-list we got over 600, and there were certainly more participants who didn’t link to the hub.  Twitter (under #1000Speak) was a flurry.  I have already read so many great posts I don’t know quite where to start in sharing them all.

It will take me a long time to read through these posts, but I am committed to trying to get to as many as I could.  Compassion and kindness are important themes to me, the idea that every person is worthy of respect and kindness is key to my beliefs.  My own post  looked a little at the challenge that it can sometimes be to show compassion to certain people.

I have been fortunate recently to find some great online communities over the past year, and this is one of them.  While we were talking about the idea of all posting on February 20th, many people were writing posts leading up to the day.

The Facebook page became a real community, with people sharing their thoughts and posts, asking questions, and helping one another along.  I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that a group of people who had committed to writing about Compassion would be kind and supportive of one another, but it was really heartwarming to see in action.

It was a reminder to me that compassion can be a thing practiced on a very small scale which can ripple out quickly.  Also, when we are open to finding community it is there to be found.  The group has been so fueled by its success that there is conversation of continuing, of finding a way to keep writing in this way.

When a bunch of voices join together to speak it can make a big impact.  People from around the world contributed to this project, and I think it is a powerful reminder of the positive force that we can all be.  Even if the posts were only read by those who wrote for the project (which I don’t think was the case), it was clear that it had an impact.

Thank you, to all the participants (present and future) who have helped to make this such a great experience.  I really have been honored to be a part of it.


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