If We Were Having Coffee #29. Magic, Kindness, and #1000Speak.

If we were having coffee I would want to tell you all about the show I saw last night!  It had been a rough week at work, and I’ve been fighting a cold again, so spent most of the week either working, traveling to and from work, or sleeping.

We also went to the dinner that they offered before the show - it felt very fancy to eat in the First Balcony lobby.
We also went to the dinner that they offered before the show – it felt very fancy to eat in the First Balcony lobby.

Last night, though, I went with a friend and her daughter to see Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, touring Broadway Cast.  It was the first time, probably since middle school (so… over 20 years) that I’ve gone to see a musical that I was not familiar with.  Don’t ask me how I had missed it, but somehow I didn’t know any of the music.

The show was amazing.  I enjoyed the music, and the way the story was told.  It was really fun to watch with a first-grader (wearing her princess tiara!)  Then there was the magic.

I have always been interested in the behind-the-scenes of theater, dabbled in it here and there.  Usually I can pretty quickly figure out the effects that are used (at least understand how they’re done), and sometimes anticipate them.  But Cinderella’s costume changes were unlike anything I’d seen before.  Standing right on the stage, no smoke, no misdirection, her dress turned from rags to a ball-gown.   And they repeated this trick twice (though the second time there was a little misdirection going on).  Now on reflection I can figure out bits and pieces, or at least speculate on how it was done, but in the moment… In the moment it was magical.  Have you ever had that kind of experience, where the magic of something from when you were a child appears again when you are older?

I also found it fun that there was a clear theme of kindness and compassion weaving through the show.  Coming on the same day as the #1000Speak campaign to flood the internet with talk of compassion and kindness seemed especially fitting.  10409230_10204463022069137_1863086623340445880_n

Yesterday was also fun, seeing all the posts about compassion, all the activity and action.  It was awesome, and so many of the posts prompted good thought and reflection.  If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to go check out the posts.

How has your week?  Any plans this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #29. Magic, Kindness, and #1000Speak.”

  1. I don’t really enjoy musicals so it’s no wonder that I haven’t been to one in about 30 years! The costume change in Cinderella really does sound magical, though!


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