A Sunday writing check-in

I wasn’t going to post something today… but then I decided to try the “TimeHop” app out that a few of my friends were using.  It’s kind of cool, the way it draws together all sorts of things from my social media usage of the past years to give me a reminder of what was happening on this day in the past.

Today was particularly interesting to me.  I wrote a post about Writers and Procrastination  and shared it on Facebook with the comment: “Been doing a lot of talking about writing lately (and some actual writing as well).  Feel like I’m getting back into the groove of BEING a writer… and decided to blog on some of the ruminations I’ve been having on the matter.”

A year ago today.

So much has happened in that year… and I know that I had no clue what this future would hold. I spent the year focusing on my writing (along with so many other changes in my life, good and bad, joyful and sad).

A year ago today.

I had been working a lot on a story, the first story that had drawn my attention in a long time.  It’s a story I’ve since put on the shelf, to let it ruminate a bit more while I focus on some other things… but it was the story that relaunched me into writing.

A year ago today.

I don’t know what my blog numbers looked like in February of last year, because I can’t seem to get the stats to show me that… but I know that for March 2014 I had 55 views and 4 comments on my blog for the entire month.  I had well under 40 followers.

And now…

Now I have a blog-story that I’ve been writing and sharing, even if some of the posts are still somewhat drafty… I’ve stuck with it and pushed through some character challenges, learning a lot about myself as a writer through the process.

Now I have a complete (messy) draft of a novel, and solid goals and plans to keep doing the hard work of getting it into a shape to do something with it.  With a lot of other ideas brewing about for the next story, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Now I have (successfully) hosted a few blog party’s, participated in a number of blog-hops, made new blogging and writing friends, and seen this little project take off in ways I couldn’t imagine.  This month, so far, I’ve had over 360 views, over 73 comments.  I know that it could be much more, I’d love for it to be more but… I also think it’s pretty stellar.  I have over 2750 followers, which fairly well boggles my mind.

I don’t know what the coming year will bring, in life, in work, in blogging and in writing.  Anything could happen — I have learned I need to just be open and trust that all I can do is try my hardest to do my best work.  And to allow myself the occasional moment to sit back, look at the numbers, look at the comments and interactions, and be proud of the work I’ve been doing.

Thank you all for helping it all happen… to be able to look at the past year and see tangible evidence of the work I have been doing is an amazing gift.


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