If We Were Having Coffee #27

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve been having some strange dreams lately.  Angry dreams that leave me feeling unsettled.  I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’ve had to spend the better part of the week dealing with ants that have been getting into my room, my brand new room.  Stupid ants.

I hate angry dreams, especially ones that are very real.  I get this whole run of emotions in my sleep and it’s just exhausting.

I’ve also been fighting a cold, which is leaving me very foggy headed.  It makes focusing on anything pretty challenging.  So coffee today is going to be a bit short, I need to go back to bed to keep on the road of recovery.

What else… I ended up signing up for the A to Z blogging challenge in April. I have an idea for a general theme for the month, and am looking forward to it.  I also am working on my plans for the next party that Taliana will be hosting, which will be the week at the end of March and start of April.  I’ll have more information about it soon.

I’ve also been working a bit on Disparate Threads, started updating again, and have a few scenes in the wings.  It’s been good to get back to it (slow moving though I may be), and I’ve been working on my novel.  The thing I’ve been stumbling over is describing people — I have always been terrible at it and it keeps tripping me up.  I’m trying to write character sketches for each of the primary characters in the story and their physical descriptions are challenging me.  Wish I could figure out why, or, more importantly, how to get past that so I can get some descriptions going.  I have them in my mind, I know what many of them look like, but describing things like skin tone, face structure, body builds… those just are challenging for me.

Time for a nap soon, but first, what have you been up to this week?

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14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #27

  1. Ugh… this has been a tough week for lots of people. Between colds and the strange weather causing moodiness, I’m ready for summer.

    Some heartache has eased up and allowed me to see a few things that have actually made my path clearer. There are still unanswered questions, some of which will not be answered until after the summer rush at the shop. Lots of heavy crapola happening in my world.

    As for your dilemma regarding character descriptions… wow, I can totally relate to that. It is really hard to do, mainly because I don’t always want to know exactly what the characters are supposed to look like, because I’d like to put myself in their place and I don’t look a thing like the description. Petty, I know. 🙂

    Rudimentary descriptions dropped into the story. Stahl is an ogre, but she has two eyes, wears purple boots and towers over just about everybody. But as for hair color and style? I figured I’d let the reader have a say in that. I think it’s kind of a way to allow readers not only to insert themselves into the story, but to become involved in it. They decide how a character looks (with some guidance from the author). I think it’s almost easier to read a story when I don’t have to try to remember what everyone looks like. Of course, I might be the only one who reads like that, so… take it for what it’s worth. 🙂


    1. I definitely try to keep the descriptions minimal in what I write — because I am the sort who tends to fill in descriptions myself. But I’ve really taken to heart the fact that readers will assume things about characters and I want it clear that my characters are diverse, my world is diverse. So I want to include some rudimentary descriptions so that if people imagine my darker-skinned little girl as being white it’s not because I didn’t make it clear what she looks like. In my character sketches (which are purely for me) I can make note with references to cultures and races we’re familiar with, but those don’t translate cleanly to the fantasy world I’ve created.


  2. Things have been good here. Still working on the cleaning out and organizing of the house, among other things. Today I did the fridge.
    Sorry about your ants! I don’t know how you feel about pesticides, but I got some Terro ant bait last spring, which brings all the ants to them, and then within days, no more ants. We have peonies far too close to our house, and they were making me crazy!


    1. Ants are the one place where we’re really good with using poison in this house. We’ve been using something that draws them in, and they have been diminishing — they take the stuff back to the nest and it kills the queen.
      Happy cleaning and organizing! Now that the ants are on their way out, as soon as I have my energy back, I can get back to that myself!

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  3. I’ve had very “real” nightmares this week, too. Violent even. I don’t usually have those so it kind of has me stumped as I’m one that believes tht dreams mean something. Dreams are messages from our subconscious mind so I always try to figure out the meaning but this week has me stumped. I’m sorry you’ve been going through that, too. I hope this week brings you nothing but sweet dreams!


    1. I wonder if there is something in the air these days… seems a lot of people are having strange dreams. I hope yours pass — though I know that they do have some sort of meaning to them I also know that the meaning is sometimes very tricky to figure out.
      Hope the week brings you some better dreams too!

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  4. Don’t get me started on dreams. The ones coming to me are downright mean and ugly. What have I done? I’m with Corina. I don’t have a clue about what they mean. Maybe I shouldn’t find out.


  5. I can relate to the angry dreams. They take so much out of me, and then I spend my energy trying to figure out why I had that particular dream at this point in my life … ugh.
    I have started looking at the A to Z blogging challenge, but am not quite ready to sign up yet. I need to get my #1000Speaks post finished first, I think!
    I hope you have a good week, with better dreams!


    1. It’s doubly frustrating because you wake up exhausted!
      One step at a time with the blogging. I most likely (once again) bit off more than I can chew with A to Z, but I keep reminding myself that the worst that happens is I don’t manage to do it. And that will be okay.

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    1. What confounds me about the angry dreams is that I haven’t been angry… so I think it must be something else being worked out. Luckily those have faded now!
      People are always welcome to have their own little pity-party around me.. makes me feel better about the moments when I need to throw one 🙂

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