Kindergarten Wisdom: “Writing and Blogging is Awesome”

Life’s been busy, and I will admit I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with myself.  Mostly I just want to put out there a few words of wisdom I received in January.  A month that, once again, did not go as planned.

I didn’t meet my writing goals, or my editing goals.  I ended up putting a lot more time into side-projects (like Taliana’s UnBirthday party).  I had moments of uncertainty — where I wondered if I was losing my grasp and focus on my writing.

But I keep looking back at one particular present I got this year for my birthday.

For my birthday last month the daughter of one of my friends made me a card.  A little poem that now hangs on the bulletin board near my desk.  The best line of it: “Writing and Blogging is awesome.”

Writing is a part of who I am.  So much so that a girl in Kindergarten, whom I only get to see rarely (not nearly enough — such an awesome kiddo!), knows it.  It doesn’t matter to her that I didn’t edit as much as I wanted, or that my writing took a bit more time than I planned to get on the page.  She just knows that it is what I do.  And that it is awesome.

So remember that, fellow writers and bloggers.  I happen to know that this particular little girl is quite wise (and very smart, like scary-smart sometimes).  If she says that writing and blogging is awesome, I am inclined to believe her.  And I like to think that we who participate in such activities are awesome too.


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10 thoughts on “Kindergarten Wisdom: “Writing and Blogging is Awesome””

  1. I think we see a lot of ebb and flow with our writing. I didn’t write much at all October or December last year and was in a real funk. Sometimes you’ve got to fill up that creative well with other types of writing 🙂


  2. “Writing and blogging is awesome.” Love it. Hope things slow down for you soon so you can catch up. Taliana’s UnBirthday Party is intriguing, by the way. I finally had a chance to finish reading it. Hope we get to find out what that book is someday.


  3. That card is precious, especially since it comes from the heart and unfiltered by age. If I were you, I think I’d frame it and put it above my writing space for moments when I was feeling disheartened.


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