If We Were Having Coffee #26

Today I want to be on the coast.  Let’s imagine ourselves there (unless you’re actually on the beach, then I envy you), sitting and listening to the waves in the distance.  We can’t actually see the water from where we sit, but we can hear it, crashing and rolling away.  Just beyond these beautiful windswept trees.  Knowing it is there, while I sip coffee with you, is enough.

I was in just such a place yesterday (sans coffee).  It was nice to be able to sit for a time, step outside of everything and simply sit and be.  It had been a frantic week, and I needed that reminder that it was okay to sit in quiet sometimes.  Not just needed, but necessary.

Maybe because of all that is going on around me these days, or because of where I am in my life just now, I’ve been finding myself reflecting on theology lately.  I’ve been thinking, particularly, about how complicated it can be to dig through the language that holds us at a distance.  Words are a complicated and challenging thing, and we all carry baggage around certain words which can make it hard to communicate.  And, too often, people are unwilling (or unable) to dig beyond their baggage in order to pick apart the meanings that the words hold.  I’ve been thinking about this particularly around theology and theological concepts, but really it’s a matter that comes to play in many aspects of life.

I’m not sure that I’m articulating what I’m trying to say very well.  I’ll readily admit that my brain is a little fried after a very busy week at work, with evenings full of moving, unpacking, and trying to get settled into my new space.

So I turn my frazzled brain to you, what would you like to talk about on this beautiful February day?

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10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #26”

  1. I understand what you mean about words holdind different meanings for different people and how sometimes we put our own experience of a word in the way of understanding what the other person is really trying to say. Nice post.


    1. Thank you.
      I sometimes hate how much we put into our words (and I am certainly as guilty as anyone of doing so). Sometimes it just keeps use from being able to have such amazing conversations because we are tripping over semantics. And yet, the very meaning we imbue words with are important and interesting to look at as well.


  2. One of the things I love about the new venture is that I commute between New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, so I see the beach most every day. I’ve started driving the slightly longer way just to be next to it a bit longer. 🙂


    1. That sounds lovely! My commute used to take me over the river (the Willamette), but now I mostly get to go through suburbs and the highway. If my eyes are still open after I go through the tunnel I do get to see a pretty skyline view of the city behind a bridge — but more often than not I’m dozing a bit at that point (yay for the bus, allowing me to sleep and commute at the same time).


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