Celebrate the Small Things (#18)

Hosted by Lexa Cain, L.G. Keltner of Writing Off the Edge, and Katie of The Cyborg Mom, Celebrate the Small Things is a time when we all take a moment to celebrate something good from our week.  It can be small, it can be big, just something to look back on the week and celebrate!

Celebrate the Small Things

Today I celebrate Friday. The lovely day that finishes the week. It’s been one of those weeks where work has been crazy and I am thrilled to be greeting the end of it, with the promise of getting to do a bit of sleeping in (and enjoying my new room!) for a few days.

I also want to celebrate the kindness I have gotten to witness in the midst of the crazy. For every attitude-filled individual, potential cheating incident, and overly needy person that I’ve had to deal with this week, there has been a counter-balance. I’ve seen people hand extra scantrons to complete strangers, I’ve heard supporting words exchanges, I’ve watched people go above and beyond to try to help someone else succeed. Kindness and compassion.

Which reminds me, The 1,000 Voices Speak for Compassion movement is going strong.  Many people are posting about Compassion and kindness already (and these posts are being gathered a number of places).  February 20th they are hoping to have at least 1000 bloggers posting about compassion.  Check out the page and explore all the great things that are being done — it’s really amazing!


I also want to accept, and celebrate, the Very Inspiring Blogger award, from Sharon Himsl at Shells Tales and Sails!


Part of this is naming three things that have inspired this week.

1) Previously mentioned acts of kindness.  Seeing students come in, in the middle of their hectic and stressful schedules, being able to still look outside themselves to help someone else is really inspiring.

2) Some beautiful sunsets and sunrises — and the fact that it is STILL LIGHT OUT when I am waiting for my final bus to get home at night.  I love the winter, however, I miss the light (one of the reasons I always loved getting snow, it helps brighten things up).

3) Beautiful pictures of the blizzard that so many of my friends found themselves facing out in Maine.  They know I am missing the snow (maybe because I was harassing them about how much I wanted to be there for that storm) and shared a great many snow-pictures with me.

The Very Inspiring Blog Award asks that you tag people to give the award to, but I am just terrible at doing that.  So instead, I just want to thank you lovely readers — I know that many of you have some excellently inspiring blogs, so I open this award up to you.  Consider yourself tagged 🙂


4 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things (#18)”

  1. Few days fill us with such relief, happiness and anticipation than FRIDAY! It’s nice that for every selfish idiot there are plenty of kind people to remind you that compassion exists. Congrats on the award! Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


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