Short Story: Murder on Station 6 (Unbirthday 11)

The Unbirthday celebration continues
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The thread wove through the rooms, past everyone dancing.  Taliana smiled as she saw a group of people taking to the ice, the dancing easily transforming to gliding across the ice.
She wandered from room to room, following that thread, trying to see if she could tell which rooms where her fathers doing and which rooms were somewhere else entirely. One room appeared to be something of a space station — so different from her home and normal surroundings — it reminded her of one of the books in the library, and she couldn’t contain her delight at seeing such a place joining up with her party. She did, however, fight the urge to explore beyond the party room… such explorations would have to come some other time. But she made note to remember the threads that had surrounded this place so that she could, hopefully, return.

Hannah Reads Books

Today’s the last day of Eclectic Alli’s Unbirthday Party! I just finished this story right this second in time to join in, so it’s really a loose practice story… There are a lot of things I’d change about it if I were to do any editing, but hopefully my for-funsies writing will be fun for y’all to read, too. This story is set in the larger universe of What Dreams, so I got to do some worldbuilding for the Sky Marshal service, wrote aliens of a wildly different size from humans, tried out a simple mystery/whodunit structure, and started experimenting with gender-neutral pronouns. Feedback appreciated, as always!

3,800 words.

A dead body turns up at a party, during Cris’s first week on a Pheffl space station…

Murder on Station 6

There are no storms in space, but it is always dark.

The thought occurred to Cris on a regular basis. In space…

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