An unbirthday, of sorts, part 3 (Unbirthday Celebration 8)

The Unbirthday celebration continues
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7  (Continue on to part 9)

Questions were churning around the party, Taliana could see the threads coiling through the room. Peaceful collisions, nothing very out of the ordinary, but she knew that there were going to be some questions. With a smile she slipped into another room — which just happened to be the room that green thread was weaving its way into — she spent the last party chasing someone, it was fun to think that perhaps this party there would be people trying to seek her out to explain things. But Taliana knew that there were lots of things that simply couldn’t be explained… at least, not in ways that the people with the questions could understand.

Raevenly Writes

Alli is having another party!

I seem to really enjoy using Taliana’s party to take new characters out for a spin, and since the theme this time is unbirthday, it seemed appropriate to celebrate my newest people. Meet Tiaro and Orait, and join the fun over on EclecticAli’s blog!

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