If We Were Having Coffee — Birthday edition! (#23)

If we were having coffee I’d be happy that I get the chance to involve you in my holiday celebration!  It’s been a buy weekend, and I’m having just a moments down-time before heading on to the next pieces of celebration.

I’ve had two yummy breakfasts out, hit three vineyards for wine tastings, got a flight of chocolate-samples, wandered through a toy-store and a candy-store, enjoyed dinner out, hung out and visited lots, got my nails done…. and tonight I get to go to an arcade, more friends time, and tomorrow holds even more of the same 🙂   Lots of fun visiting with friends and family, just generally having a great time.

I only got one actual present, in the traditional sense (though lots of being treated to things, and people taking time to come see me, which is a great kind of present!)  One of my friends (who always has been pretty excellent with the gift-giving thing) got me a copy of Haruki Murakami’s “The Strange Library.”  I had just finished reading an ebook version of it, and let me say, this is one of those books where there the physical copy is a million times better than ebook — it’s just a richer book this way.  I love it 🙂

I love birthdays, even though I’ve had some spectacularly terrible ones through the years, but recently they’ve just been so-so.  This year, though, I wanted to have awesome celebrations, and I made it so!  Though, of course, I’m not even done with my celebrations this year yet, and I’ve already gotten some ideas for next year (though, I totally blame a friend who had a brilliant idea for that one…).

The blog-party has also been fun, I feel like I’m getting to know Taliana more and more, and her story is getting more and more complex… it’ll be interesting to tie up just this one little party worth of story before Wednesday, I hope that even more people start to participate!

How are you doing?  Are you up to anything exciting this weekend?  Do you celebrate your birthday, or tend to keep it quiet?  What’s your favorite birthday memory?


10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee — Birthday edition! (#23)

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful extended birthday! Let me add my birthday wishes as well! I’m glad you had a little bit of time to pause for a cup of coffee with us!


  2. I’m kind of an introvert loner…the most I will do is go out to eat…Generally, I will hide out and read or marathon-watch one of my fav TV shows…


    1. Nothing wrong with that! Many of my birthdays have been spent just eating food I like while reading or watching something I enjoy, maybe getting together with one or two close friends 🙂


  3. WOW!!! That was one big celebration! That’s the way to celebrate birthdays — have fun 🙂 A belated Happy Birthday to you. But I wish you all the best this year can offer (see, my wish is all-year round he he).


  4. My birthday is at the end of August, and two of my siblings’ birthdays are toward the beginning of August… We usually end up celebrating all three at the same time toward the beginning, so the actual day of my birthday is left to me. I generally spend it buying myself stuff, and try to schedule fun stuff with friends. (The other problem is that my birthday has fallen on the first or second day of school the past three or four years. Had to make an introductory speech in speech class on my birthday once. Worst year ever.)


    1. I’ve got a twin brother, so I ALWAYS had to share my birthday with someone… though my folks were pretty good about letting each of us feel like it was our day.
      And I’ve often had school things connected to my birthday, my undergrad school had a long winter break, so a lot of the time I would be gearing up to go back to school on my birthday — and a big winter-event for my grad school usually fell on my birthday. Really, not to bad 🙂
      My worst birthday ever was the year I broke my ankle (and tore ligaments) at 10 am — AND IT WENT DOWNHILL FROM THERE!! Yeah, and that, that was my sweet 16. Because, I never do anything traditional or simple? Yeah…


      1. Goodness! That’s certainly, er, a memory. 😉

        I don’t remember a darn thing that happened on my sixteen. I think my best one was the year I went to see District 9 in the theater, which was 2009, so I think that was 18. (It’s also traditional for me to go see a movie by myself on my birthday, but I can’t remember all of those either.)


        1. One of these days I will write all my birthday memories, put it together in a short-story collection. “Horrible Birthday’s of Times Past”.. something like that. The sweet sixteen one is, by far, the most memorable and best fodder for story-writing.


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