As the Party Begins – The UnBirthday continues!

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“You’ve really outdone yourself this year,” her friends voice reached Taliana well before the bundle of energy that is Mariska could be seen, “this is just amazing.” Ignoring all sense of decorum, she rushed across the room, leaving her ever-proper mother behind to scowl, “how did you get this snow to stop just above our heads?  Or to fall inside, for that matter.  And the icicles in the hallway, I swear their shimmering….”

“You should see what happens when she spins,” Tyler appeared by Taliana’s other side as Mariska arrived, lauging and holding his hand out to Taliana.  She happily took it, and let him spin her a few times, the sparks twinkling through the threads around her.  Mariska make the appropriate sounds of appreciation

“It’s all Father’s doing,” Taliana admitted, smiling as Tyler let go of her hand and turned to look at Mariska.  The two of them had been grinning shyly at one another across parlors for months now, constantly hovering on the edges of the crowd, both too uncertain to actually speak to one another.  Now was the chance to finally give them the chance to talk to one another.

“Tyler, you should show Mariska what father did with the windows,” she looked at Mariska, “You’ll love it!”   Before either could respond she hurried away, not wanting to be an excuse for either of them to let their shyness get in their way.

She lost herself in the crowd slightly, watching to make sure that Tyler and Mariska were doing okay before she continued on her way.  They were having a fine time, dancing close as they seemed to be whispering years worth of conversation with one another.  It was a good present, to see them finally connecting — she couldn’t think of a more perfect couple.

Looking around the crowd she could see so many of her friends, greeting their old friends, catching up on the latest news.  It was nice to see — and the threads seemed to dance together nicely.  Taliana followed those threads, it had become something of a habit for her and even though she didn’t have to, she couldn’t help but check them all.  It was nice to see them all in proper order, doing what they should, behaving in predictable manners.

Taliana shook her head, returning her attention to the room.

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