Celebrate the Small Things – Party Planning! (#15)

vik-small-things-2A weekly Blog-Hop, hosted by VikLitDiana WilderLG Keltner, KatieCaffeMaggieato where we celebrate those small things. [Edit: Now hosted by Lexa Cain — thanks for taking this on!~]

Today I celebrate the coming together of birthday plans for next weekend.  I took my actual birthday off (the 16th), so I have a four day weekend!

I’ll be hosting an Un-Birthday Party Blog-Hop Party – which I’m excited about (though that frame story needs some work… lots of work).

I celebrate the events I’m planning to undertake with my friends and family that weekend.  A few breakfasts, wine tasting, dinners, visiting time, and a party at a video-arcade (total throwback, the arcade is one I used to visit as a kid) is in the works.  I’m looking forward to it!

This week I got my license renewed, and (not counting the ten minutes I waited outside the DMV before they opened) it only took 15 minutes!  That’s certainly something to celebrate as well.

What are you celebrating today?

9 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things – Party Planning! (#15)

    1. Thank you! I haven’t given myself quite so much of a “whatever I want to do” kind of break for a long time — I think the anticipation of it will make the next week go pretty quickly!


  1. Your coming birthday party sounds like it will be full of exciting events! I expect pictures of all that wonderful stuff so those of us who sit at home on our birthdays can live vicariously. 😉

    Thanks for the mention and for signing up on the new linky!!


    1. I have had a history of unfortunate birthdays (though, in recent years they’ve mostly just been kinda mellow and not particularly bad) so I’m looking forward to it this year — I think I’ve lined up enough good stuff with awesome people that it’ll be a fun time 🙂


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