You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!

The Season has fallen a bit apart in the past month — a live and learn situation — but there is an event that I intend to still undertake, and I need participants!

After the great fun (and I think success) of the (first annual) Masquerade Ball, it is time for another party/blog-hop. January 15th through January 21st will be a grand Un-Birthday celebration here at Eclectic Alli!

You’re Invited!

Taliana once again invites all to join the party!  This time things are much more laid back, people are encouraged to mingle, to share their favorite celebrations.  A very merry unbirthday to all! Join in the fun!

Midnight (Pacific Time) on January 15th a “starting” post will go up on this blog [Here it is!].  If you want to contribute you can link your post to that one, and I’ll re-blog them.  If you want to have me share the story as a guest-post here, or would like to coordinate your story some, just contact me!

Feel free to contact me, or leave a comment on this page, if you have any questions!

A very merry un-birthday to all!



28 thoughts on “You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!

  1. I was gonna write something short for this, even wait and write it that weekend, but apparently I’m writing a sci-fi murder mystery set during an unbirthday party instead.


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