Greeting the New Year

What a year.

Such a year of change, growth, and loss.

This year I dealt a lot with grief and grieving, with the deaths of my Grandfather, and my Grandmother.

This year I started a new job, full-time employment complete with benefits, challenges, and awesome coworkers.

This year I watched (and worked to make) this blog grow.  Last year I had about 10 followers, 210 views (total), 100 visitors, and 3 posts published.  Now I have over 2,460 followers, had more than 8150 views, over 4,000 visitors, and published 233 posts.  Sure, some people’s numbers are far more impressive, but I am rather impressed with what I’ve done here this year.  Beyond the numbers, I have made new friends, found communities, made (and learned from) mistakes, and rediscovered some of those things I am passionate about.

This year I committed to my writing.  I discovered that I have some sort of magical poetry-power, to be used with great caution and care.  I also discovered that I can write even if I have no motivation to do so, when it seems there are no ideas.  I managed to keep on-top-of regular updates at Disparate Threads (though, I am now taking a short break… more on that shortly).  I wrote the draft of a story, one that I had long-ago abandoned.

A year ago, instead of picking some goals, I chose a word.  I decided to pick one word that would summarize what I wanted this year.  That work: Action.  I wanted to stop dreaming about “what I would do when…” and start taking actual steps to make those dreams happen.   I feel like it worked — when I started to fall into inaction I remembered that word and found ways to take action, to get things moving.

Now I look forward to the next year, and it is time to pick another word, another thing to motivate me through the year.

I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of crashed and burned this December.  Very little writing has gotten done, I’ve fallen behind on all the work I intended to do, and I’ve spent entirely too much time watching things on Netflix.  It isn’t that I didn’t accomplish anything, a great many scarves got made, but…

Because it’s important to balance “action” with “reflection” and “rest.”  I’m sure such thoughts will feed into my decision of what word (or phrase) I’ll chose to guide this year.  I’m not going to decide the word or phrase just yet though.  This year I’ll be spending New Years on the Oregon coast.  The ocean has always been a powerful place for me, and the coast seems like the perfect place to decide on my phrase/word.  So I will wait until I am there, out on the sand, in the cold and dark, hearing the waves in the distance, to decide.

All I know is that the word will take on meanings I can not even guess now.  I had no idea, a year ago, where this year would take me — so I can’t wait to see where the coming year will take me.


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