Celebrate the Small Things (#12)

This week…
I’m not going to lie – this week it’s really hard to celebrate the small things.  I know I’ve said that before, but this week has been particularly challenging.
But I will try.

I am going to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday.

I’m going to celebrate that I have amazing friends, such amazing friends.  Who will take me out for milkshakes,

I’m going to celebrate moving out of the busy season at work — it will be nice to have a short respite.

I’m going to celebrate the moment of warmth and sunshine I enjoyed at lunch yesterday.

What are you going to find to celebrate today?



6 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things (#12)”

  1. Yesterday evening we went to the school Christmas concert for our kids and it was actually good! Sometimes it’s a trial. 🙂 My older son got his car stuck in a snow bank and our neighbors helped him out–in the cold and dark. Upstate NY people are the BEST!

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  2. I know what you mean by working in the busy season. It’s been a trying week for a lot of people, including me. I loved your post and I am glad you are celebrating the little things. I think today I will celebrate that I am alive (my body aches), I have a roof over my head (we got over 5 inches of snow yesterday) and that it is only 12 days until Christmas Eve! 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me! 🙂


  3. Those are great things to celebrate. (And I know some weeks it’s hard to find anything.) Yay for seeing the cup-half-full parts of life. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


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