Not Quite “If We Were Having Coffee…” (#17)

Normally on Sundays I invite everyone to join me for “coffee,” share some of my week, ask how your week has been.   I really enjoy writing these posts, it’s a chance to reflect on the week and find things to highlight — and I kind of love the idea of being able to read back over a bunch of posts to get a glimpse of all the things that I have done and that have happened throughout the year.

That is all a long introduction to say that this week is a little different.  I sit at my computer wondering how it is possibly already Sunday, and — even more — how it possibly just be a week since Thanksgiving?  Such a long week.

So.. a coffee post… but this isn’t really going to be a coffee post… because there really is just one thing that is sticking in my mind right now.  If we were having coffee I would probably want to sit back and listen to you for a while.  I would want to hear how the week has been, how everyone is, and if you have any great plans for the next week?

I don’t know what I’d say.   I’m sorry to be vague but I wanted to post SOMETHING today (I wanted to post something on Friday too, for the Celebrate The Small Things), but I’m just not there yet.   I promise a less vague post later this week, but for now the words aren’t coming out correctly — what I want to say, and how I want to say it just isn’t coming together yet.

So for our coffee today, I’m content to simply listen to what you may have to share.


6 thoughts on “Not Quite “If We Were Having Coffee…” (#17)”

  1. Your blog is snowing!

    I get what you mean by posting for the sake of posting…and the value in that. I wrestle with that too. :/

    Anyhoo, I hope you had a great week, better than mine, at least. Summed up in 3 words: I was sick. But I’m way better now, and I had coffee today, which makes me feel way way better 🙂

    Thanks for asking =)


    1. My week has been rough, which is why I was challenged to post anything… finding the right words to explain it all this weekend was really hard. I’ll be updating just as to why in my Wednesday post.
      The snow is cool, isn’t it? It’s one of the WordPress special settings for the winter!
      Glad you’re on your way to feeling better!


  2. I have a hard time realizing that even we writers can’t always find the right words, but it’s happened to me, too. As you know I’m a dedicated journal-keeper, but there are two periods with big gaps because I didn’t know what to say, and because putting it onto paper made it real.

    That being said, my week has been busy but in a different way than yours – holiday activities, work, finishing my manuscript, getting my website redone, etc. Here’s hoping the coming weeks are more peaceful for you!


  3. Well, since you asked. I just got a honorable mention from the Hubbard contest. It feels pretty good. Funny since I sent if off a few months ago I don’t feel like the same person anymore. I’m planning to take a look and see what I think now.

    I’ve also been researching writing characters for some blog posts next year. I’m constantly reading up on the craft and I share what I find. I figure why not and the comments are golden.

    Thanks for the coffee. Always great 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette


    1. Congratulations on the Honorable Mention!!
      Isn’t it amazing how different we can feel over a few months, it’s been another one of those years, for me, where I feel like I’ve been three or four different people over the course of it.
      Thanks for joining me for coffee! I look forward to reading more about the characters you’re researching 🙂

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