The December “Season”

A new month.. and a busy one at that.

I’ll be honest… I think I bit off more than I can chew with my “Season.”  Live and learn, right?  In the future I’ll definitely do some of the activities (the Masque, for instance, was great fun and will certainly happen again, as will participating in Banned Book Week).

But November rolling into December have proven to be overwhelming, and has the potential to continue to be so.  Which means scaling back my December plans.

So, throughout December I will simply be trying to spread holiday cheer.  Really, any holiday will do… or none at all.  It’s just a generally cold and dark(for us in the Northern Hemisphere), stressful time of year — so a bit of light is a great thing.

I’ll link to this post with any special events, celebrations, or such that I may end up doing but would also love to help promote any events other people are hosting!  If you have something exciting going on in December, please let me know!  I’ll promote it, participate, and add it to the calendar.

Happy December everyone!

For those that like to prepare ahead… the weekend of January 16-19 is going to be another group-story-telling event (similar to the Masque) around the theme of “(Un)Birthday Celebrations”



Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
All Month General Cheer and Light

2 thoughts on “The December “Season””

  1. Happy December Alli! I always scale back in December because there is too much to do and not enough hours in the day. I don’t have much going on in December but if I hear anything, I will send it your way! Have a great month and stay warm. 🙂


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