Alphabet of Thankfulness, a Game.

I remember a slew of different projects around Thanksgiving.  Those hand-trace-turkey pictures.  Lists of what we’re thankful for.  Drawing the cornucopia and filling it with stuff.  The ubiquitous word-search and cross-word puzzles.

In the spirit of these memories of tangentially relevant games, I’d like to host a game of my own.  One of those Alphabet-Poem kinds of things.  Comment on the post with the next letter of the alphabet, and something starting with that letter that you are thankful for.

Also, given the fact that I don’t like having my creativity so closely defined, feel free to provide a sentence starting with the appropriate letter or… something else entirely.  I just ask that we follow the (English) alphabet and the theme of Thankfulness.

I’ll start with A.
Awesome Friends.


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