Celebrate the Small Things (#11)

Friday Friday!

Let’s celebrate with a song!

Catchy, huh?  Check these guys out… they’re awesome (and doing quite a bit of touring these days).  Also, check out the awesome Ultra Tom, who’s been working with them behind the scenes, but does his own stuff too.

It isn’t that this week has been particularly bad.  Heck, it was even a short week — I had Tuesday off.  But strange weather has made everyone kind of off, and yesterday felt like it should have been Friday.

So, now that it’s actual Friday, I feel the need to do some celebrating!  Hey, there’s a blog-hop for that 🙂

My small celebrations:

First one is that previously mentioned Ultra Tom is currently back in town — which means I get to have the occasional lunch and coffee with my big brother.  I am so grateful that we’ve gotten the chance to reconnect as adults.  As he often jokes, “it’s a miracle we didn’t kill each other when we were younger.”

I’m a day ahead in NaNo, or at least, I will be again by the end of the day.  Met today’s word count during my morning commute.  This year NaNo is working a bit differently for me, less frantic rushing and going into overly-detailed description, and more actually moving along in the story, jumping from scene to scene, and figuring out different narrative threads.  I think it’s because of the approach I’ve taken in preparing for it — and my plans for after.  So really, the celebration isn’t that I’m on-top of things for NaNo, it’s that after years of thinking I wanted to be a writer and author, I’ve finally started to approach my life as one, and have gotten myself to a place where I know I can do this (and feel like I have finally settled on the right path for myself).  It’s an amazing feeling, and I know I can face the upcoming challenge (of revising, rewriting, editing, and figuring out the whole query-letter, submitting deal) head on.

I’m also celebrating winter.  I love winter!  At least, parts of it.  Living in the Northwest, after so many years in Northern New England, is still a shift for me.  Yesterday we were threatened with a winter storm, and there was a certain nostalgia watching as school-district, after school-district, canceled for the ice-threat.   Of course, where I work decided not to cancel or delay — but it honestly wasn’t bad traveling for me to get in to work (or home).  Snow boots (which were totally unnecessary, but are my best option for good-traction-footwear), scarf (I have quite the selection to chose from), gloves (also have a few to choose from, but — as is the nature of gloves — many of them have decided to go into hiding.  If I still lived in New England I would remedy that, as it is, three pairs is probably enough to pick from), hats (also a few options!) and my winter coat (which continues to need to have the zipper replaced, maybe this year will be the year I actually do that?  maybe?) — I bundle well – with so many options!  Last night, walking home from the bus-stop, it was amazing to be able to see the ice crystals on the leaves, little icicles forming — nothing like some of the epic ones I’ve seen in my day (do I sound old there?  huh, do I?) but they were fun to see.  Hopefully this will mean I’ll get some lovely-winter-weather to enjoy this year!

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5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things (#11)”

  1. I enjoyed the song – it is catchy! Feels like Monday again to me. I’m late getting by here but really love to see all the blogs on Friday’s hop. Still can’t ignore the regular readers whom I adore.(smile).

    Lurve scarves, hats, gloves, all the gear that says Winter, baby!! I’m in the south so we get lots of panic attacks on “maybe” ice, “maybe” flurries… my Northern neighbors laugh at us.

    Great you have the writing under control – is that accurate? I’ve never done NaNo… who knows – maybe one day. Congratulations on your celebrations. Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks for dropping by!
      I think getting the writing under control is an accurate way to put that — especially since part of it is me taking “charge” of the story and being willing to work from outlines and the like… making it a priority and communicating that to others 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe next year 🙂 I’m enjoying the chance to have some community — just coming off of a coffee-shop-hop with other NaNoers — very nice to get to interact with other writers IN PERSON for once….


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