Small Things Friday – And an award!

I am seriously remiss.
Ages ago Breakfast with Words nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award!


I’m honored 🙂   This award asks for 7 things about me…. so here are 7 things I’m celebrating!

1) I am happily trudging along on NaNo.  It’s kind of cool that writing that many words a day isn’t the real challenge for me this year — because I’ve been doing so much writing since April between this blog and Disparate Threads.  The real challenge for me is sticking to my outline.  I’ve plotted out the story, and I like the way it goes… My NaNo goal is to finish the draft (I had 25k towards the story before the month started) so that I can let it sit for a month, and then start in on some serious revisions and re-editing.

2) I wrote #1 this morning, now at the end of the day, I am feeling less optimistic about NaNo.  I still know I can do it, just didn’t get as much writing done today as I would have like.  But I did get to have lunch with my big-brother, which is a lovely tradition we have going when he’s working in the office (and I’m ALWAYS working in my office).  It’s the first lunch we’ve had together in quite a while since he’s been on the road — so it was a worthy sacrifice of writing time.

3) I’m having fun with Raevenly’s NaNo Character-oke! It is celebration worthy!  And fun, check it out.  NaNo participant or not 🙂

4) My blog has over 2,000 followers!  Thank you all!  I’m kind of in shock, especially since this has happened pretty quickly.  But…

5) I’m mostly grateful for how much interaction and participation I’ve been seeing.  I’m still so excited that so many participated in my Masque this year – it was so much fun!  And I really appreciate the comments and thoughts, I’m falling behind on responding to them — but I plan to!

6) I got to spend some good time with friends again this past weekend.  And this coming weekend I should have lots of writing time (of course, I have said this the past two months and… stuff happens.  But, that just means great social times again).

7) The coming of winter has created some beautiful skies, great shifts in weather, crisp air, beautiful leaves, and I love it.



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