Who’s Your Hero?

Time for the “Who’s Your Hero?” Blogathon.  I gave this a lot of thought, but with it’s move to November 3rd, and it being NaNo, I have decided to write about a particular hero — the one I’m writing about for NaNo.

I wanted to share an excerpt, but it is well over the 300-words suggested, so let me just TELL a little about why she’s a hero.  Bria Lana has this variety of magic in her, some she’s learned, some she was born with, and some that has — for lack of an easier explanation — taken up residence within her.  In a time and place where any magic is seen as evil, and actively sought out, she tries to find ways to fight the prejudice and change the opinions.  Really, she just wants nothing more than to be able to settle down with the man she loves, in the cottage that has been in her family for generations, and raise a family.  But she can’t do that if she has to be hiding who she is, if there are people being killed for their magic.  And so she fights, she constantly pushes off the very idea of marriage (much to poor Liron GIltha’s dismay), or settling anywhere, to fight for what she knows is right.

Her personality is what I love, playful in one moment, and serious in the next.  Honestly, she’s more at home telling stories to her niece and nephew (which is what the following excerpt is.  They, and the reader, aren’t told if this is true or not), than among the other adults of the world — but she can play the part she needs to help enact the changes she needs.  And she is not afraid of the pain and danger to herself that might come in moments when she may need to help save another.  Her goals are personal, but also reach far beyond herself.  I admire her dedication, even when she could have a way out, a way to save herself, she does what’s right and finds ways to save not just herself.


20 thoughts on “Who’s Your Hero?”

    1. Definitely like we want/need to see in the world! I think that one of the things I’ve loved about writing fantasy is that I can shape these characters in their own worlds, with problems that are different than ours, but reflect so much of what is happening in our world as well.


    1. I hope it turns into one! I am getting more and more excited about the story as I work on it and think about it — though actually GETTING through the scenes to finish it is not quite as fun…


  1. “…she does what’s right and finds ways to save not just herself.” That’s what sets a hero apart from others. As I always say, it’s the selfless attitude…those little, day-to-day ‘behind the scenes’ activities trying to help others, that maybe nobody really knows about, that make a great hero/heroine. Sounds like Bria fits this category… 🙂
    Thanks for participating in the Hero Blogfest!


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