NaNo Relief Drunken Character Bash

A fun event! Hop on over to Raevenly Writes and check it out. Join in the fun.. I know I will 🙂

Raevenly Writes

So, on the one hand, I am MONDO tired. NaNoing on night shift days is probably going to be right out, like I figured going into this. Today might be the exception rather than the rule- it was EXTRA stupid- but I’m not going to bank on having those days towards my word count. They’re bonus days. Any writing I get done on them counts for double points, in my book.

BUT! I don’t need too much coherency to put this mad scheme I hatched with EclecticAlli into action! May I present to you, the first annual

NaNo Relief Bash!

This year’s bash is being hosted by yours truly, with the help of my lovely co-host, Rook! Some of you may know Rook from last year’s NaNo, but none of you know Rook like you’re about to. 🙂 Rook is the proprietor of a lovely little dive-bar of the same…

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