Short Story: Solstice Night

The man’s threads twisted and turned, suddenly moving back to the party and then out again. What was he after? Taliana felt pressure around her, some of the threads were vibrating strangely, twisting far from their roots. She had a feeling that she had some serious work ahead of her…. Hopefully James was managing to play co-host — she owed him big time for that! Pausing on one of the balcony’s that lined one of the ballrooms she looked over the crowd. It was a good crowd…so many people had turned out.

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This story takes place in one of the rooms of Eclectic Alli’s Masquerade Ball. It’s based on an idea I had for a holiday in one of my fantasy universes. I’m still messing with the setting, trying out new versions and iterations of the ideas I have inside it… Eventually I’d like to spin the very-short-story you’re about to read into more of a novella with a lot of other characters involved, so consider this a sneak peek. Enjoy!

1,500 words.

Sesen went to the masquerade alone, determined to enjoy it, but of course he was miserable. Why did Leae have to make such a fuss whenever he wanted to do something? It was just a party. She could’ve just not said anything and come anyway.

He wasn’t being fair, but he didn’t really care yet. He’d just wanted to have a nice night, and she had to…

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