The Ball Continues: Masque Unmasked

Taliana followed the green cloaked man through the halls. He didn’t seem to be manipulating the threads, just analyzing them, he hesitated before a door a moment before continuing on. Pausing Taliana noticed the threads of the Authors winding on and out of the room. Her mother had not warned her about this. With a sigh she stopped, and looked closer. The threads were a true mess. Fitting on and out… They were tugging and pulling on all the other threads, whatever was causing such troubles in those worlds was trying to reach out, to draw the other worlds in.
That wouldn’t do.
With a frown Taliana worked the threads, she didn’t want to block them – with such traffic it was hard to tell if all the people who were supposed to be in that world were there. But she could limit the pull, tether them to their own small space.

Raevenly Writes

At last! The Masquerade begins! This is where things get messy. 🙂

Our host, EclecticAlli, will be collecting the various adventures of her guests as she encounters them. This will undoubtedly be devoid of anything resembling chronological order for the evening, so I hope all your TARDISes are charged, cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. I myself will be posting several pieces of my ridiculously long tale, along with my favorite co-author, Caitlin, and anyone else who happens to drop by. I’ll do my best to keep the authorship and timelines straight on here, but I can’t promise what you’ll find if you follow the #EclecticMasque tag….

First: An Invitation Arrives             Previous: Meanwhile, Also on the Hunt

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