Short Story: The Masquerade Ball Presence


Allison Maruska

Welcome to Part 3 of my contribution to Eclecticali’s Masquerade blog party. This might be it. But I’m not sure.

If you missed Parts 1 and 2, you might want to start there.

The Presence


James re-entered the hallway, baffled. Something had pulled Taliana into the library, but the room was empty and dark, neglected on what was to be a night of revelry in the ballroom.

With no other option, he headed back to the party, which had continued on as though nothing strange had occurred.  A new dance had just begun. A young woman standing still in the middle of the moving couples caught James’ attention.

From the back, she looked like Taliana. But how could that be? He’d left her in the library… or somewhere. He crept around her side to get a better look, but he kept his distance to keep from attracting her attention.

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