Returning to the Masque

Taliana eased out of a doorway.  The Author (Authors?) had quite the situation on their hands it seemed.  Meanwhile, she needed to make sure that things were still in order at the party — neglecting the threads would mean trouble, and there was this mystery man in the green cloak to track down.

Carefully she followed the threads, coming to one of the large ballrooms.  Strains of music rose over the crowd, mingling with the hub of people talking.  Taliana caught a glimpse of the cloaked figure.  He stood in the center of the ballrooms, looking around at the scene.  She began to approach, finally he was standing still long enough for her to approach him, to talk to him.  Something about her stance made her stop halfway across the room though, hesitant.

He was not looking around at the crowd.  Rather, he seemed to be looking at the ceiling.  This in itself was not that peculiar, this ceiling was rather spectacularly painted in imitation of a colorful sunrise and the fading night sky.  It did not seem as though that where what he was looking at though.  Cautiously stepping closer she hoped she was blending in with the crowd enough to escape notice.

Yes, he was certainly looking upwards, but his expression was far more focused and concentrated than a regular admirer.  Stepping even closer Taliana followed his gaze.  It was as though…

He was examining the threads.  Taliana knew that there were others who could see them, though it was a relativity rare skill it was not completely unique.  And he had been able to pass through all the rooms, not just a few of them like most people who tried to enter unaided.

These realizations did nothing to diminish her desire to figure out what he was doing, where he was going.  She saw him focusing on a thread and begin to follow it.  With more care and caution she followed him, trying to watch him at least as much as the threads, seeing if she could figure out what it was he was hoping to find by following the threads like this.


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